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PCI GlobalCom Expands Executive & Technical Team to Support Ongoing Growth

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Picture of a wireless infrastructure climber, describing that PCI GlobalCom is expanding their executive and technical team.

PCI GlobalCom’s Expansion in the Wireless Infrastructure Industry

The wireless infrastructure and solutions industry is experiencing exponential growth, which means that PCI GlobalCom is expanding as well. As a result, we have strategically aligned our company roles to ensure that all team members are able to help achieve the company’s vision for success.

The demand for wireless technology and instant connectivity has increased rapidly all around the world, and at PCI GlobalCom, we have bolstered our leadership and execution team, hiring several new positions and promoting devoted team members to better support our national and global efforts.

“Strong and reliable wireless infrastructure is critical to everything from productivity, information access, and safety,” said Michael Graham, President of PCI GlobalCom, “Having an experienced team that understands how to properly work and staff wireless installation programs to meet the needs of our end users is part of the commitment we make to all our clients and the communities we serve worldwide,” he added.

Building a Strong and Experienced Team

Notable additions to our global team include the appointment of a Vice President with primary focus on federal business development; a more robust human resources department to better serve PCI’s employees; an Operations Finance Manager to ensure the daily business and financial operations are running cohesively while keeping projects within budget; senior project management personnel; and numerous technical resources at all levels.

With these new additions, PCI GlobalCom is positioned to provide a broader set of wireless solutions to our clients while expanding our reach within the federal space. As a leading wireless infrastructure company committed to supporting commercial and federal clients, PCI GlobalCom is investing in the resources needed to create the strong and reliable wireless infrastructure that the world has come to depend on.

Interested in joining the PCI GlobalCom team? Contact us!

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