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PCI GlobalCom Becomes First Distributor of Tune® in the Wireless Communications Industry

Global wireless infrastructure company minimizes electrical costs, conserves natural resources, and maximizes tower longevity with Tune®. 

ALPHARETTA, GA – PCI GlobalCom (PCI), a leading wireless communications infrastructure company, is bringing Tune® technology to the wireless telecommunications industry. Tune® is a non-invasive device that filters harmonic distortion (excess heat and noise in electrical systems) to help wireless carriers and tower owners/operators reduce their electrical waste and lower overall power costs. Furthermore, PCI’s introduction of Tune® in the wireless telecom industry amplifies their commitment to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement.

Tune® is used across many industries to help users achieve greater power conservation, green energy solutions, and savings on electrical costs. The device is made in the USA, validated by third-party testing, and certified as a power-saving product by the Department of Energy. As the first distributor of Tune® in the telecom sector, PCI is using the device to filter wasteful energy consumption across the wireless industry. Additionally, the device will help increase the longevity of your vital equipment’s lifetime—further reducing the amount of failures seen in the wireless telecom industry.

“Our Tune® device has many environmental and financial benefits, and our clients love that Tune® reduces energy costs and extends the life of telecom electrical systems—without installation disruptions, said Michael Graham, President of PCI GlobalCom. We are thrilled to be the first distributor of Tune® in the wireless industry, and our clients are already seeing impressive reductions in power consumption and energy costs because of this technology,” he added.


Case Study: How PCI GlobalCom Used Tune® for a Major International

Wireless Carrier


Overview: A major international wireless carrier utilizes hundreds of

towers packed with thousands of pieces of wireless equipment—consuming a

high level of energy to meet customer demand worldwide.


Solution: PCI GlobalCom’s team installed Tune® devices in the panels of

multiple towers to test effectiveness across several high energy points within their network. 

Result: In less than 90 days, the client saw a 10% reduction in energy consumption—resulting in substantial cost savings. The carrier now has plans to install Tune® devices on their communications sites nationwide.



“We’re proud to see Tune® enter the wireless telecommunications industry—all thanks to the PCI team,” Sara Heimer, CEO of Tune®. “While working with PCI, we’ve seen how the company is dedicated to modernizing telecommunications equipment and finding the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for their clients. It’s exciting to see how PCI is using Tune® to produce great results for wireless carriers and tower owners around the world.”

With Tune®, PCI can now offer a cost-effective solution, in line with the ESG movement, to improve power quality and promote cleaner energy within the wireless communications industry. Serving commercial, urban, rural, and military communities worldwide, PCI's use of Tune® is expected to greatly increase the value of their wireless communications solutions on a global scale.

To schedule an interview or learn more about how PCI GlobalCom is bringing Tune® technology to the wireless communications industry, please email or call (404)-644-2779.

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