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Telecommunication Repair


On a mission to install reliable wireless infrastructure around the world. 

On a mission to install reliable wireless infrastructure around the world. 


President & CEO


Vice President

Meet Our Founder

Michael J. Graham has been the President & CEO of PCI GlobalCom since our inception in 2013. Starting in wireless telecommunications in 1994 as an electrician’s assistant with a premier wireless infrastructure firm, Mr. Graham worked his way up through the ranks earning a foreman role in six short months. During his career, Mr. Graham was laser-focused on learning and helping his firm benefit from his work ethic, attention to detail and the quality of his work.

As he advanced his career within top wireless infrastructure companies, he was given the opportunity to spearhead a new wireless infrastructure division in the Washington D.C. area.  Given his outstanding leadership, this division excelled and became the PCI GlobalCom we know today.

Under Mr. Graham’s active leadership, PCI GlobalCom has expanded its footprint across multiple markets, tripled in staff size, and experienced exponential growth across all its divisions of the company.

Michael, the proud father of two military service men in the U.S. Navy and a daughter in college, lives in Atlanta with his wife Katie and dogs named Thor and Maddie.



Join the Journey with Us!

If you love to work outdoors and are interested in domestic and international opportunities, contact us!

PCI Globalcom - Telecom Career Truck


Human Resources Manager


Program Manager

PCI Global Com - Tristan - Telecom Career

“Finally Found a Professional Home.”

Name: Tristan

Role: Tower Tech Climber

PCI GlobalCom Start Date: 2019

Industry Experience: 3 years


PCI GlobalCom took a chance on me when I was completely new to the industry. They spent weeks training me and developing my skills, so that I could put my best foot forward on project sites. I see this company growing into something special, and I want to be a part of that.


Wireless Infrastructure 

Experience = Reliability

Founded by a Tower Technician with a business background, our experienced team has helped us build a company that:

  • Prioritizes safety and compliance that protects both its people and clients. 

  • Encourages ingenuity and innovation to help strengthen reach and connectivity.

  • Focuses on connections and reliability by testing and retesting all the work we do. 

  • Believes humanity and leadership go hand-in-hand and have developed a work-life balance culture ideal for professional growth.

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