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The Power of BIG SAVINGS in One Small Device

Our new TUNE™ device reduces energy costs and extends the life of telecom electrical systems 

without installation disruptions.

Simple Energy Savings Attuned to the Wireless Telecom Industry

Our experienced team of wireless infrastructure technicians understand electrical systems and can install Tune into your electrical system, without the interruption of commercial power to your site.

As a result, we’re now providing TUNE™ devices to telecom organizations looking for energy cost savings across their wireless network. These Tune devices, exclusively installed on your wireless site by a certified PCI GlobalCom team member:

Deliver Energy Savings

by filtering harmonic distortion that exists in the electrical systems of your network.

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

by eliminating undue heat stress on your electronics and overall telecom systems. 

Reduce environmental impact

by conserving the natural resources used to produce electricity – saving them for generations to come.

Provide cost savings

to the entire company thanks to a UL Listed technology that makes the device adaptable to any system consuming energy.

Telecom Case Study

How it Works

Telecom Case Study

  • Overview:  A major international wireless carrier utilizes hundreds of towers packed with thousands of cellular equipment – consuming a high level of energy to meet customer demand worldwide.

  • Solution:  PCI GlobalCom’s team installed TUNE devices in the panels of multiple towers to test effectiveness across several high energy points within their network. 

  • Result: In less than 90 days, they saw a 10% reduction in energy consumption –resulting in substantial cost savings.  The carrier now has plans to install TUNE devices on their communication sites nationwide.

To learn more about PCI GlobalCom’s new TUNE device, please contact us at: 

Ready to Start Saving?

By reducing heat in our system, saving energy, and saving equipment, TUNE is helping us champion sustainability.

- Ken, President

An easy Environmental, Social, and Governance action for telecom companies that are also looking for savings.

- Mark, CEO


Gather energy consumption information to help prioritize installation locations.   


TUNE is professionally installed by a PCI GlobalCom technician to the electrical panel of your equipment shelter or outdoor cabinet.


The PCI GlobalCom installation team verifies all data is recorded to provide you with a snapshot on what to expect in kWh savings.


The TUNE device filters harmonic distortion, delivering cleaner power to circuits, reducing consumption costs, and increasing equipment longevity.

Telecom Case Study

Companies that Trust Tune

Our Tune Product is Also: ​

  • Made in the USA​

  • Validated by third-party testing ​

  • Non-Intrusive ​

  • Certified as power-saving products by the Dept. of Energy​

  • Proven successful across multiple industries

Let's Climb Together!

Transform Your Telecom Energy Management with PCI GlobalCom by TUNE™

Let's Climb Together









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