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Pre-Storm Preparation

Natural disasters and unforeseen weather events are inevitable, but PCI GlobalCom has extensive experience protecting wireless communications infrastructure before any type of storm hits.  

Pre-Storm preparation activities include:

  • Reinforcing and testing all wireless equipment and signals.  

  • Setting up connectivity contingency systems to leverage secondary or temporary towers/wireless signal sources. 

  • Monitoring systems and the impact of potential natural disasters in real time and around the clock.

Post-Storm Response

In the aftermath of a storm or natural disaster, PCI GlobalCom utilizes unmanned aircraft to provide field teams a better understanding of what remediation efforts are needed to restore wireless connectivity.

Post-Storm response activities include:

  • Quick dispatch of a global and national workforce that specializes in repairing and installing wireless communications technology (e.g., cell towers, wireless systems, etc.)

  • Comprehensive damage report for insurance and/or budgeting purposes.  

  • Mitigation program for temporary fixes until wireless infrastructure is fully restored.

Post–Storm Recovery

Once on site, PCI GlobalCom field employees assess the effort required to restore the affected area's communication needs. Swift and methodical pre-planned initiatives are taken to ensure the expeditious and precise rehabilitation of wireless, wireline, and power infrastructures in critical condition.

Post-Storm recovery activities include:

  • Installation of new systems or modernizing old infrastructure to be more resilient for future weather impacts. 

  • Implementation of new signal monitoring and infrastructure maintenance programs to incorporate new preventative measures.

Post storm telecom assessment

Expanding Service Area Throughout the Southeast

PCI GlobalCom continues to support and upgrade telecommunications systems for companies in the Southeast- including North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Weather and Wireless Connectivity

Rapid Response Service

Emergency Telecommunication Repair


Weather and Wireless Connectivity Rapid Response Service.

But You Can Control Your Wireless Communications Readiness Response

You Can’t Control the Weather

Wireless communications are critical before, during and after an unplanned weather event. PCI GlobalCom has the infrastructure knowledge and expertise to help your company and community stay connected in the face of any type of natural disaster.

Repair Wireless Communications


Restoring Wireless Connectivity in Response to Natural Disaster

Repairing and maintaining wireless communications after unforeseen weather events is what we do best. In fact, our team can help with:

  • Pre-Storm Preparation to minimize damage and community impact. 

  • Post-Storm Response planning to get communities connected again as soon as possible.

  • Post-Storm Recovery support to help build new wireless infrastructure.

  • Custom Connectivity solutions that help communities activate quickly.

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