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PCI GlobalCom’s Severe Weather Response Program

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Supporting Wireless Communication Capabilities Amid Ongoing Climate Threats

Wireless infrastructure with a lightning strike pictured, representing how PCI GlobalCom’s weather response program helps to keep communities online and connected despite emergency weather conditions.

PCI GlobalCom Keeps Communities Connected When Severe Weather Strikes

At PCI GlobalCom, we have global field teams that monitor how severe weather can affect wireless infrastructure. Because we know how quickly severe weather can adversely affect communications systems, we have proactively assembled a severe weather response program that focuses on disaster readiness in regions frequently impacted by threatening weather conditions.

With an increased reliance on dated infrastructure to provide wireless connectivity, there is growing concern for how communications will be affected in regions experiencing extreme weather or natural disasters. Our severe weather response program can help mitigate the threat that a changing climate poses to businesses and communities worldwide.

What the PCI Global Com Weather Response Program Does

The PCI GlobalCom weather response program works with businesses, government entities, and non-profits to keep wireless infrastructure operational in areas affected by severe weather damage and natural disasters. Additionally, PCI GlobalCom’s weather response program:

  • Quickly dispatches a national workforce that specializes in repairing and installing wireless communications technology (e.g., cell towers, satellites, wireless systems, etc.)

  • Monitors regions that are commonly affected by climate threats

  • Responds to different types of extreme weather conditions (e.g., hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, etc.)

  • Demonstrates to communities what they can do for disaster readiness

In our digital world, climate can severely hinder our ability to communicate, and we believe that our experienced team and weather response program can help communities recover connectivity faster,” said Michael Graham, President of PCI GlobalCom.

The PCI GlobalCom team has worked on hurricane response and many other severe weather response situations. That experience has made them ready to bring their skills to communities facing any natural disaster. Interested in how we can help keep your community connected amid weather crises? Contact us.

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